Our Relationship with the Medical Community

Helping to bridge access to health care.

The Problem and Our Purpose:

Faced with a child’s illness life stops overnight and parents enter a world of fear and worry.  For parents who don’t live close to the medical care their child needs, there’s an added stress.  Distance.  Most families have to travel hours for treatment.  Living expenses quickly add up.  Long drive, lost jobs, worried siblings, sleeping in cars.  Being far from family and friends.  These are extra burdens no family should have to experience.

Ronald McDonald House Akron provides vital resources and compassionate care to children and their families being served by Akron Children’s Hospital.  To date, eleven peer-reviewed, published studies illustrate the importance of the Ronald McDonald House®  program in enabling family centered care.

At Akron Ronald McDonald House Akron we provide an important part of family centered care focused on Keeping Families Close.  Learn more about the Ronald McDonald House® impact.