Requesting a Room


Our House can accommodate 20 families each night and we are full with a Waiting List every day. We offer rooms to families that have a child being treated at Akron Children’s Hospital (ACH) or Akron General Medical Center Special Care Nursery (operated by ACH). You may secure a room at RMH of Akron either through the Reservation List or Waiting List.

Reservation List Information:
We do accept reservations for certain procedures and circumstances. To see if you are eligible for a reservation please contact our office as soon as you receive a date for the upcoming procedure. In some instances, the doctor’s office will contact RMH to make your reservation. If your doctor’s office does not offer that service then you should contact us directly to make the reservation. Due to the overwhelming need for our services there are times that our Reservation List is full. In those instances you will be placed on our Waiting List.

Waiting List Information:
If your child has been admitted to ACH unexpectedly please call our office as soon as possible to be placed on our Waiting List. Once a room becomes available we will contact you with the details. The amount of time on the Waiting List varies greatly. We are never sure when to expect our current guests to be discharged which makes your wait time hard to predict. If you are on the Waiting List feel free to call our office daily to check status.

Alternate Lodging:
The Reinberger Family Center is a short term stay facility located in ACH. Once you have been placed on our Waiting List we recommend that you check with the Reinberger Family Center for possible accommodations. They may be reached within the Hospital at extension 32201 or 330-543-2201.

The nearest hotel located only several blocks from ACH is The Akron City Center Hotel. They may be reached at 330-384-1500. When calling for a room make sure to mention that you have a child admitted at ACH to receive the best possible rate. There are several national chain hotels a short drivable distance from the hospital. Contact our office for other recommendations.

Please Note

A room request is NOT a room reservation.

Please call 330-253-5400 from 9 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with any questions.